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The Rikess Group provides the retail automotive industry with information and resources designed to create exceptional customer and employee enthusiasm resulting in increased market share and profitability for our clients.

aboutusThe Rikess Group (TRG) was incorporated in 1991. Our focus from inception has been on the development of leading edge products and services that are based on the ever-changing consumer demand. We provide these services to auto retailers, manufacturers and select vendors. TRG's Performance Consultants have graduated from some of our nation's most progressive dealership groups. Through consulting and training we're constantly bringing unconventional solutions to our clients in an effort to keep them abreast of market trends leading to competitive advantages that optimize profitability. If your company is comfortable with traditional strategies TRG is probably not "your cup of tea." But, if your organization is seeking to uncover emerging opportunities created by seismic shifts in the market, please join us "outside the box." 

Our formula for dealership sales success: Commodity + Differentiating Experience = Increased Gross Profits (call TRG - 916-715-8129) to learn more about how to create a differentiating experience.