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  • To whom it may concern, I recently received finance manager training from Scott Tiffin. I found the training extremely helpful and informative. Most training seminars usually show “ideal” situations that don’t occur on an everyday basis. Scott not only gave me real world situations, but practical solutions and ideas that I can use on an everyday basis.

    Scott was informative, and engaging. He kept us involved and talked to us not at us. You could definitely tell that not only does he have experience in the automotive industry and as a finance manager, but that he has used the practices and tools that he taught us.

    I am extremely glad that I was able to experience the training I received from Scott. I would recommend this training to anyone who is or will be a finance manager. I look forward to implementing the tools and practices I learned. I feel it will not only make the finance experience more streamlined for myself but the customer as well.
    Craig A. Novick - Finance Manager // Honda of Manhattan