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Gen Y are the offspring of Baby Boom children that were born between 1980-1998 and tallies over 80,000 million individuals; almost as big as the “baby boomers” themselves. As has often been noted, this group is very different from all the generations that have proceeded it. They present new and real challenges to automobile dealers when it comes to effectively selling, servicing and employing them. Some of the challenges in satisfying their needs as customers include:

  • They don’t want to be “sold.” They prefer “information sharing” and won’t accept sales pressure.
  • 56% would prefer to conduct most of the transaction online.
  • They want their retail shopping experience to mirror their online shopping experience.  The internet is their primary shopping method.  When they ultimately visit a retail store, they’ve been conditioned to expect a similar shopping experience: transparent, simple, time-sensitive, multiple options, information-rich and total control of the purchase process.
  • They expect electronic delivery of pre- and post-purchase communication.
  • They expect sales consultants to be true product experts and to understand their lifestyle motivations.
  • They are heavily influenced by their peer group (think Social Media—e.g. Facebook/ Twitter).
  • Online service scheduling and text notifications.

As employees they want:

  • Flexible work schedules
  • Non-gross pay plans
  • Higher levels of training than other generations
  • A career path
  • Input into dealership decisions

The Rikess Group has developed a course, "How to Create A Gen Y Friendly Dealership" – please let us know if you’d like to discuss scheduling this type of training for your management team.


  • The true value of a meeting or presentation is the residual that is left behind after the speaker is gone. Yesterday my team and I had the pleasure of listening to your Managing Gen Y presentation delivered by both you and Nicole. The information provided was both informative and actionable. Today several steps have been taken to help Paragon connect better with this misunderstood, often maligned, segment of our population.

    By understanding this generation, we are better able to develop processes and business models that will enable us to be the natural choice for this "next generation" of buyers. As important, and as demonstrated by a head count, the majority of our staff is in the "select" group.

    Our team really thought that your presentation helped them, to articulate to us, "this is who we are," in doing so you have helped us to connect with our people in a way that is more meaningful than the temporary quick fixes often offered to associates. As we continue to evolve and innovate it is important for us to also understand.

    Thank you for your time, and information; excuse me, I have to go hunt for dinosaurs!
    Brian Benstock - Paragon Auto Group
  • I want to thank you and Dr. Lipkin for sharing your extensive knowledge regarding the mindset, attitudes and behaviors of the age group of people known as Gen Y. Many of our employees who participated in your training session gave us a tremendous amount of positive feedback on how informative they found the information you presented and also how they felt it would improve their interactions with our customers (as well as their own family members) of this age bracket. I personally found this information invaluable in helping me understand many past sub-par interactions I’ve personally had with some people of this age group. Because of your training, I now feel much more confident that our dealerships personnel (and myself personally) will be more successful in our interactions with both employees and customers who are of the age bracket known as Gen Y. Thank you again for sharing such wonderfully helpful information.
    Brad Boeckman
  • Our Gen Y Seminar, conducted by Mark Rikess and Dr. Nicole Lipkin, was incredibly relevant and content rich. As an organization, we believe before you can implement a sales process, you need to understand how to best relate to who your customer is and what they expect out of the car buying experience. As Gen Y evolves into our core customer base and workforce, time is of the essence to understand how to attract and retain them not only as customers, but as employees. Nicole does a phenomenal job illustrating the "why" behind Gen Y's behavior and value set. Mark brings it full circle by applying it to the auto industry and more importantly, gives specific suggestions on how to incorporate Gen Y friendly processes into your dealership. The amount of genuinely positive remarks I received from my people was overwhelming. We host dozens of seminars every year, and I cannot recall another session that commanded as much great unsolicited feedback. Highest marks!
    Alison Spitzer - Spitzer Auto Group