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Management Education and Development

This one year long program consists of six Management Education and Development courses. These courses designed to improve management skills by:

• Understanding how you’re social, emotional and intellectual disposition influences your personal and professional success.
• Maximizing your resources by learning to manage your responsibilities and priorities with greater efficiency.
• Resolving business issues more efficiently with smarter decision- making, critical-thinking and communication methods.
• Exercising influence to move team members, supervisors and other executives in the desired direction.
• Inspiring team members and colleagues with motivational and engagement techniques.
• Navigating conflict and workplace relationships utilizing social and emotional intelligence.


  • The coaching training provided by the Rikess Group and facilitated by Mike Andersen proved extremely valuable to the entire management staff at the Harr organization. Mike was very effective in getting our managers to understand how to be an effective coach and overall better leaders. Well worth the money!
    Michael Gross - Pres/GM Harr // Motor Company
  • The Rikess Group can claim the responsibility for transforming our dealership from one that was personality driven to one that is now process driven. Mark, and his team "lead me to discovery" in a way that made the will to change seem like it was my idea. This was not an easy process. It is really an eye opener when you realize that YOU ARE the impediment that is holding your dealership back. Mark and Dan used a gentle, but effective approach to share, inform, and education our staff to the possibilities that were/are available.

    As a result, we have been able to double our new and used car business, with substantial increases in customer satisfaction, and profitability. Our current service satisfaction results are above the District, Zone, and Nation in all three of our dealerships. Three years ago our stores were dead last in the nation (worst to first is way cool!).

    Our Used Car Department is currently (for the past 4 Years) the #1 selling Certified Used car dealership in the WORLD! This is for BOTH our Honda and Acura stores. When the Rikess group started with us we had aged inventory and we turned our inventory 3-6 times per year. Our current used car inventory is under 30 days old and we turn the inventory 12-4 times per year. ROI is through the roof!

    Our New Car Sales numbers have continued to climb and currently both our Honda and Acura stores are in the top 5 positions in the Nation.

    Mark and his team are lifelong partners, problem solvers and friends. They provide the best service and resources in the industry, please feel free to contact me directly for any inquiries in connection with Mark Rikess or the Rikess Group.
    Brian Benstock // Paragon Auto Group